Flux-analysis // Tobias Kind June 2017

Metabolic flux analysis investigates specific metabolites in metabolic pathways by utilizing stable isotopic markers.
Commonly used markers include 13C and 15N that are integrated into specific metabolites (WIKI)


Flux Software

  • SUMOFLUX - Toolbox for Targeted 13C metabolic flux ratio analysis [PDF] [LINK]
  • FiatFlux - 13C metabolic flux analysis (newer software is SumoFlux) [LINK]
  • VistaFlux - flux vizualisation software with pathway integration for Agilent MassHunter LC-MS [LINK]
  • INCA - isotopically non-stationary metabolic flux analysis (INST-MFA) [PDF] [LINK]
  • MID Max - LC–MS/MS acquisition method and isotope recapitulation algorithm [PDF] [LINK]
  • OpenFlux - modelling software for 13C-based metabolic flux analysis [PDF] [LINK]
  • 13CFLUX2 - Metabolic flux analysis with carbon labeling [PDF] [LINK]
  • IsoMetlin - Database for searching isotopologues and MS/MS data [LINK]
  • OpenMebius - for conventional 13C-MFA and isotopically nonstationary 13C-MFA [PDF] [LINK]
  • NTFD - detection of stable isotope labeled metabolites in non-targeted GC-MS [PDF] [LINK]
  • METRAN - for metabolic flux analysis (MFA) [PDF] [LINK]
  • MIA - Mass Isotopolome Analyzer for non-targeted mass isotopolome analysis [PDF] [LINK]
  • Flux-P - automated and standardized 13C-based metabolic flux analysis workflow [PDF] [LINK]
  • iMS2Flux - high-throughput processing tool set for stable isotope labelled mass spectral data [PDF] [LINK]
  • LS-MIDA - Least Square Mass Isotopomer Analyzer for mass isotopomer distribution analysis [PDF] [LINK]
  • WUFlux - 13C-metabolic flux analysis tool for steady-state 13C-MFA [PDF] [LINK]
  • IsotopicLabelling - R package for labelling and isotope analysis [PDF] [LINK]
  • geoRge - R package for analyzing untargeted LC/MS isotopic labelling experiments [PDF] [LINK]


Isotope labelled compound vendors

For finding isotope labellec compounds and best prices from various companies it is best to search meta-indexes first.
That includes CAS Scifinder, emolecules, Chemspider and MolBase. 

  • eMolecules (free chemical search engine with hundres of vendors [LINK]
  • CAS Scifincer (12 million commercial chemical products) [LINK]
  • MolBase (find chemicals and prices by name or CAS number [LINK]
  • ChemSpider (limited vendor support) [LINK]


Specialized vendors for isotopically labelled compounds

For quick links to common labelled compounds these vendors can be utilized, they cover the most common chemicals. 

  • Cambridge Isotope Laboratories [LINK]
  • Sigma Aldrich [LINK]
  • Santa Cruz Biotechnology [LINK]
  • Omicron Biochemicals [LINK]
  • LG Scientific [LINK]
  • Euriso-Top [LINK]
  • Toronto Reseach Chemicals [LINK]