Image Processing Software

An important task in life science labs is cell counting via image processing. You can read how to perform automated counts of flourescently stained cells here [FHCRC.ORG]. Using methylene blue or trypan blue counting cells is easily automated. Any good microscope with external light source can be used and any 50 Dollar digital camera will do the task. An adapter is helpfull and can be used but is not needed. The picture can be directly taken from the ocular.

Howto with ImageJ:

0) rectengular selection -> image crop

1) process -> binary -> threshold

2) analyze -> analyze particles

3) save result as excel file -> sort according area

4) save $$$$ dollar

Chlamydomonas Cell Counting

Splitting color RGB channels and adjust image threshold (B&W) (Over/Under), calibrating the measurement helps with difficult pictures. This example was done with a Canon A400 for 99 Dollar/Euro.

Software Tools are:

you may also have a look at this page and this nice collection.