Currently Funded Projects


NIH U2C ES030158 (PI Fiehn, O)

      The West Coast Metabolomics Center for Compound Identification

Use computational and experimental approaches for compound identifications

09/01/18 to 06/30/2023

NIH R01 HL157535(PI Byambaa, E)

Lp(a) and Oxidized Phospholipids - Impact of Diets

To identify oxidized lipids as part of plasma lipoprotein(a) that is an independent causal risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and which could be modulated by better diets.

12/15/2021 to 11/30/2025

Agilent   (PI Fiehn, O. - UC Davis)

Metabolomic libraries and methods by mass spectrometry

Improve metabolite identification by standardized QTOF and GC-quad MS analyses of reference compounds.

01/01/07 to 10/30/2022

USDA 2021-67017-35783 (PI Slupsky, C. UC Davis,  Fiehn, O. UC Davis; coPI et al)

The UC Davis Dietary Biomarkers Development Center

To discover and validate of biomarkers of food intake for fruits and vegetables through the use of controlled dietary interventions in the presence of variable background diets using metabolomics techniques.

08/15/21 to 07/31/2026

NIH U19 AG023122 (PI Cummings, S - Cal Pacific Medical Center Research Inst.

Longevity Consortium

To use metabolomics phenotyping to discern the causes of longevity in cross-sectional human cohorts and in cells and mouse experiments.

09/30/2018 - 05/31/2023

NIH U54DA049113 (PI Olivier, M. Wake Forest, Winston-Salem, NC; co-I Fiehn, O

Integrated Omics Analysis of Pain: Omics Data Generation Center

To generate blood metabolomics data at 0, 3, 6 months after a surgical procedure or musculoskeletal trauma to predict the transition from acute to chronic pain.

09/01/19 to 10/30/2026

DoD W818XWH - 18-2-0771 (PI Meyers, F. UC Davis, co-I Fiehn, O)

The UCD-DGMC TBI Precision Medicine Network for Complex Trauma

To use metabolomics on animal models and human subjects for predictive marker

 06/01/18 to 08/31/2023

NIH R01 AT010216 (PI McCann, S - Roswell Cancer Ctr)

Flaxseed effects on gut microbial metabolism and circulating inflammation-related metabolic profiles in African American and non-Hispanic white women

09/01/2018 to 08/30/2023

NIH U54 AI138370 (PI Lipkin, I - Columbia U)

Center for Solutions for ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome) 

To use metabolomics on bulk cell populations using cell sub-type specific markers, and on analyses after orthostatic and exercise challenges of subjects

09/01/2017 to 05/31/2023

NIH R03 OD034497 (PI Fiehn, O)
Integrating metagenomics data into accurate mass stool metabolite identifications.

To use cheminformatics for compound identifications in existing MetabolomicsWorkbench data and add microbial pathways to KBase.



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