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Journal suggesttor and plagiarism finder

For chemistry and life sciences CAS, WOS and Google Scholar are the top three search engines which can combined find almost all scientific literature. PubMed is an interesting ressource but not comprehensive and has no full text search, no literature analysis and no chemical structure assignement within full-text. For general information also see UC Davis database list. For general news LexisNexis is recommended and for globale newspaper coverage NewsBank.

eTBLAST computes similarity scores for manuscripts and can find an expert in the field of research, additionally it can suggest a journal for a given manuscript part based on text analysis. Jane can do the same using semantic analysis based on MedLine abstracts.

  • eTBLAST for text similarity search, expert finder and journal submit finder
  • JANE - a journal estimator and author name estimator for a given manuscript


NSF -National Science Foundations (Budget FY2010 - 8 billion dollars)

NIH - National Institutes of Health (Budget FY2010 - 30 billion dollars)

  • NIH grant success rates
  • NIH Reporter system (CRISP system) (search for funded NIH grants and projects; PI names, institution, states, years, subjects CRISP is now replace with the NIH Reporter)

USDA - United States Department of Agriculture (Budget FY2010 - 134 billion dollars)

  • The NIFA system can be used to search for grants (old csrees system)

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Budget FY2010 - 18 billion dollars)

DOE - Department of Energy (Budget FY2010 - 26 billion dollars)

DOD - Department of Defense (Budget FY2010 - 534 billion dollars)

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Image search from publications

Most of the publications have now access to RightsLink, allowing easy copyright transfer. For websites and talks its easy to use public domain or CC-by images, no problems occur. These services are not just Picasa, they extract pictures from books and scientific material, that is usually locked behind subscription walls. Google has an advanced image filter for re-usable images.