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PhD student chemistry

451 East Health Science Drive




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Research Interests:

Retention time analysis for data transformation between instruments

MS-based untargeted metabolomics and database curation

Development of omics-based method and its application

Education and research:

09/2014-08/2018 B.Sc. in Food Science, University of California, Davis

09/2018-05/2021 Research associate, Food integrity team, Mars Global Food Safety Center, Beijing, China


Kong, Fanzhou., Xu, F., Peng, H., Dong, S., Gao, W., Zhang, G. (2021). Combination of machine learning techniques and ele-mental profiling for geographic origin identification of Chinese Geographical Indication (GI) rice, npj Science of Food

Chang Y., Li Y., Fanzhou Kong, Peng H., Zhang G. (2021). A combination of rapid evaporative ionization mass spectrometry (REIMS) and chemometrics as a useful tool for the authentication of cocoa butter, projecting at Food Control

McGrath, T. F., Shannon, M., Chevallier, O. P., Ch, R., Xu, F., Kong, Fanzhou., et al. (2020). Food Fingerprinting: Using a two-tiered approach to monitor and mitigate food fraud in rice, Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL