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Currently Funded Projects


Agilent   (PI Fiehn, O. - UC Davis)

“Metabolomic libraries and methods by mass spectrometry”

Improve metabolite identification by standardized QTOF and GC-quad MS analyses of reference compounds.

01/01/07 to 10/30/2018

NSF MCB 1611846 (PI Hanson U Florida,  Fiehn, O. UC Davis; coPI et al)

Metabolite damage - a stumbling block for synthetic biology

09/15/16 to 08/31/2019

NSF MCB - 1139644 (PI Fiehn, O. - UC Davis)

METABOLOMICS: Integrating cheminformatic resources for investigating photoautotrophic and mixtotrophic metabolism in algae.

To implement novel metabolomic databases and tools for compound identification.

12/01/11 to 11/30/2018

NIH U24 DK097154 (PI Fiehn, O - UC Davis)

The West Coast Central Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Core.

To provide extensive metabolomic services to biological and medical researchers on the West Coast.

09/01/12 to 08/30/2018

NIH R01 DK104351  (PI Norris, J - U Denver, CO)

Nutrigenetics & genomics of Vitamin D and Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Type 1 Diabetes.

To test food biomarkers and metabolic signatures in type 1 diabetes cohort research.

09/01/14 to 08/30/2019

NIH R01 DK89439 (PI Wojchowski, D – Maine Medical Center)

Novel regulators of stress erythropoiesis.

To provide a method for quantification of oxidized cholesteryl esters in relation to overall bound and free cholesterol levels in erythrocytes.

09/01/14 to 08/30/2019

NIH R01 DK107532 (PI Zhao, J - U Florida)

Metabolic Predictors of Diabetes in American Indians

To test metabolic signatures in type 2 diabetes cohort research. 

09/01/16 to 08/30/2020