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Agilent   (PI Fiehn, O. - UC Davis)

“Metabolomic libraries and methods by mass spectrometry”

Improve metabolite identification by standardized QTOF and GC-quad MS analyses of reference compounds.

01/01/07 to 10/30/2018

NSF MCB 1611846 (PI Hanson U Florida,  Fiehn, O. UC Davis; coPI et al)

Metabolite damage - a stumbling block for synthetic biology

09/15/16 to 08/31/2019

NSF MCB - 1139644 (PI Fiehn, O. - UC Davis)

METABOLOMICS: Integrating cheminformatic resources for investigating photoautotrophic and mixtotrophic metabolism in algae.

To implement novel metabolomic databases and tools for compound identification.

To screen 10 algal species under different environmental conditions and map metabolomic databases to algal biomass growth.

12/01/11 to 11/30/2017

NIH U24 DK097154 (PI Fiehn, O - UC Davis)

The West Coast Central Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Core.

To provide extensive metabolomic services to biological and medical researchers on the West Coast.

09/01/12 to 08/30/2018

NIH R01 DK104351  (PI Norris, J - U Denver, CO)

Nutrigenetics & genomics of Vitamin D and Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Type 1 Diabetes.

To test food biomarkers and metabolic signatures in type 1 diabetes cohort research.

09/01/14 to 08/30/2019

NIH R01 DK89439 (PI Wojchowski, D – Maine Medical Center)

Novel regulators of stress erythropoiesis.

To provide a method for quantification of oxidized cholesteryl esters in relation to overall bound and free cholesterol levels in erythrocytes.

09/01/14 to 08/30/2019

NIH R01 DK107532 (PI Zhao, J - U Florida)

Metabolic Predictors of Diabetes in American Indians

To test metabolic signatures in type 2 diabetes cohort research. 

09/01/16 to 08/30/2020