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West Coast Metabolomics Centerthe NIH has given a large boost to metabolomics research through the Common Fund projects, funded in 2012. The Fiehn laboratory is now a proud partner in the NIH West Coast Metabolomics Center ( This Center also offers training courses (especially for international scientists) and fee-for-service analyses. 


The Fiehn laboratory endorses the annual conference of the international Metabolomics Society, Glasgow (UK), July 01-04, 2013. Please refer to the conference website ( for further details, program, and registration! 


NSF hands-on metabolomics workshop and symposium 

In May 28-29 2013 at the UC Davis Genome Center open to everybody in the scientific community. The symposium will host eight speakers including Oliver Fiehn (UC Davis), James Liao (UCLA), John Morgan (Purdue University), Yasuo Yoshikuni (Bio Architecture Lab), Shota Atsumi (UC Davis), Roger Ruan (University of Minnesota), Jason Papin (University of Virginia) and Jean VanderGheynst (UC Davis). The additional workshop is designed for graduate students and post-docs and is part of a joint a joint NSF-JST sponsored program "Metabolomics for a Low Carbon Society".  Download the Program Flyer here [PDF]




Our BinBase database can now only be queried from inside the UC Davis Genome Center, due to frequent hacker attacks. In the mean time, we will now efforts with MassBank (JP) and the new U.S. NIH metabolomics data repository to make all Bin spectra and records available. 

New community resource:

Convert database identifiers and structures from a variety of external DBs (e.g. LipidMAPS, Human Metabolome DB, KEGG, CAS, PubChem) using the Chemical Translation Service CTS

The Fiehn research laboratory develops improved methods in analytical chemistry and bioinformatics to capture and utilize metabolomic data. These tools are employed to understand, which parts of larger biochemical networks respond to genetic perturbation or environmental stress.

Metabolomics is the identification and quantification of all metabolites in a given biological situation. This task is a demanding challenge, for which we develop analytical methods, mostly using mass spectrometry coupled to gas and liquid chromatography (GC/MS and LC/MS). However, for de novo identification of unknown metabolites, methods in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) are equally important which we garner in collaboration with the UC Davis NMR core cent. Currently, we hold mass spectra, retention indices, structures and links to external metabolic databases for over 1,000 identified compounds which are routinely screened by gas chromatography – time of flight and quadrupole mass spectrometry. For both instrument types, we have licensed out the libraries for general use to mass spectrometry vendors. In addition we develop and apply metabolomic and metabolic fingerprinting methods by high resolution LC/MS and by direct infusion – mass spectrometry. The readout of metabolomic data acquisition is then structured by an in-house programmed database, BinBase which is seamlessly integrated with the study design database SetupX.

Metabolomics applications follow a two-tiered approach: they can be used for sample discrimination and classification (e.g. for clinical diagnostics or GMO substantial equivalence), or for biochemical and mechanistic studies (e.g. for understanding the onset and progression of human diseases, or for detailing regulatory modules in cells or subcellular compartments). Therefore, the Fiehn research laboratory uses several biological models on organismal, tissue or cellular level which are detailed in the Projects page.