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PhD student

UC Davis Genome Center - Metabolomics
GBSF building room 1300
451 East Health Science Drive




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Research Interest:
Analytical Chemistry
ChemInformatics and BioInformatics
Identification of mass spectra
2015.9 - 2019.6 B.S., Chemistry, Jilin University, Changchun, China
2018.7 - 2018.10 CSST Research Program, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA
Research Experience:
1. Strategies to Characterize DNA Secondary Structure Using Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry, UCLA
2. Label-free Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Analysis of DNA Strands, Jilin University
3. MALDI-TOF Analysis of Quinone-labeled Glutathione in vitro, Jilin University
4. In silico Simulation of Peptide Fragments under Low-energy Collision-induced Dissociation, Jilin University
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