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Laboratory Technician

UC Davis Genome Center - Metabolomics
GBSF building
451 East Health Science Drive




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I am a newly graduated undergraduate student majoring in Neurobiology undergraduate, I am also a pre-
veterinary student at UC Davis. My interest ranges from animal health to human health.

Bachelor’s Degree - Neurobiology, physiology, and behavior |University of California, Davis|
Graduated Jan 2021

 Fiehn Genome Lab Assistant | University of California, Davis | September 2019 – Present
-Assisted researchers extract samples
-Utilized mass spectrometry to run sample and obtained data
-Analyzed and organized data using MS-DIAL
-Assisted to contribute data to complete genome library
-attended NIH West Coast Metabolomics Center’s seminar weekly
Molecular Biology Lab Assistant | De Anza college | Mar 2018 – Jun 2018
-Constructed a lab procedure of PV92 Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) lab that demonstrated two common
PV92 version in human through and provide a thoroughly procedure for further scholars to follow and perform
the lab themselves.
-Constructed a restriction maps and procedure page of using BLAST to search a database for similar sequences
and for producing alignments for further scholars to follow and obtain their own restriction map.
-Demonstrated electrophoresis lab (SDS-PAGE sample preparation and assay),
Conjugation lab (culture conjugation plates, total nucleic acid extraction, total nucleic acid gel, plasmid DNA
purification, plasmid restriction digest, plasmid gel),
pGLO lab (fluorimetric protein assay, transformation, Hydrophobic interaction chromatography)
to increase productivity of the lab and implement efficient process.
-Worked with E. Coli with sterile technique, plate technique for colonies and phage, and liquid cultures and
instruct scholar about selective media and antibiotic resistance.
Psychobiology Teaching Assistant| De Anza college | Sept 2017 – May 2018
- Developed weekly reports to provide feedbacks and maintain the connection between professor and students.
- Facilitated in class dissection of sheep brain to help student visualized anatomy of brain.
- Held discussions (review session) and create weekly worksheet, which increase class average.