Fiehn Laboratory

The Fiehn laboratory at UC Davis develops metabolomics technologies in cheminformatics and analytical chemistry and applies these methods in biomedical projects and basic science.

The Fiehn laboratory leads the NIH West Coast Metabolomics Center and engages in pilot & feasibility and collaborative R01 projects, specifically aiming at genomics integration, interpretation of data sets, advanced statistics and collaboration in cardiovascular health, metabolic syndrome and cancer metabolism projects. 


"Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so."
Galileo Galilei


Our Work

We make extensive use of accurate mass spectrometry in both LC-MS and GC-MS technologies, currently using 16 different mass spectrometers. We develop tools and databases for the scientific community such as MassBank of North America (including LipidBlast MS/MS spectral libraries), the Chemical Translation Service for database integrations, MetaBox for genomic data integration, MetaMapp for data visualizations, and MS2Analyzer and MS-DIAL software for LC-MS/MS data processing and compound identification. We use additional in-house software such as BinBase for primary metabolism profiling and miniX as freeware LIMS system to help the West Coast Metabolomics Center's service providing data for over 25,000 samples per year.